Ferrari 458 Clutch life

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Hey everyone!

First off let me make it clear, I do not own a 458 nor can I afford one.

I just wanted to get the groups thoughts on exotic clutch life for the 458.

How long do they last?

Is it better to drive the car in manual over AUTO?

These are just random thoughts that have come into my head...I know some members drive these cars daily.

Overall what is the proper way to drive these types of cars?

Lets your opinions fly!

Again I do NOT own one, just wondering.
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The clutch of the 458 is designed to last the life-cycle of the vehicle itself. In other words the clutch will last until the transmission completely lets out. It was designed so that you can drive in any mode that you would like to, whether automatic or manual and in any manettino setting. Fluids will of course need to replaced over time, but being a dual wet clutch system you do not need to deal with nearly all the issues that arose in cars such as the 360 and 430. The new range of cars all come with what is considered a "lifetime guaranteed" clutch and unless you are a trained Ferrari technician good luck even getting close to the system.
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