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Feeling Nostalgic... Come With Me Back To The Year: 1999

My long gone but not forgotten: 98' Lexus GS400. The car was an absolute ROCK! Zero issues in 4yrs of ownership and generally one heckuva Sports Sedan.
At the time, it was one of the most modified GS's around my area:

Where you at Mike @D2? :wink:

L-Tuned Suspension
Borla exhaust
TRD strut brace and sway bars
RMM grill
Roof Spoiler (way back in 2000!)
Custom Wood Wheel
various Lighting upgrades
Custom Chromed 19" MODA R6 (the only set known to this day which I still own in boxes!)


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I remember this like yesterdy bro. Still one of my fav 2gs that I drooled over before getting mine!
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