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Hello Audi Peeps. I am in the market for a safe, nice looking, family wagon. My girl and I recently moved to Chicago and we had our first child on Monday. A beautiful baby girl!!! So, I've been looking locally and found this 2009 A6 Avant with 8500 miles.

Audi : A6: eBay Motors (item 220670522350 end time Sep-26-10 18:45:00 PDT)

Looks wise, it's great, the mileage is good and the price seems okay too. I will be trading in her 09' SRT8 Jeep CG for what ever vehicle we decide on. She want something easier for her and the baby to get in and out of. Especially, in the small building we refer to as a garage. . . :D

Any input or problems I should be aware of would be appreciated. I plan on driving up there tomorrow to check the car out. Thanks in advance!!
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