Fall Scenic Run!!!!

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Along with Coolwater this scenic run will be a great way to wind down the season.

Plan: Meet up at Bear Mountain, leaving there at about 8:30AM. Taking Rt6 for a few miles, we will run into Rt. 84 west. Following rt.84 for about 30mins, we will exit onto route 23 and cross into NJ(sussex county). Following route 23 through a couple of towns we eventually turn right onto Rt. 206 south. from 206 we turn onto rt. 517S. as we cross into warren county we will turn onto Rt. 80 west and go to the next exit(12). exit 12 will put all of us onto rt. 519S. we will cut some nice backroads through Jenny Jump State Park. Continuing onto rt.46 west, onto some other nice scenic roads. the end of this amazing run will be at a Local Deli with some kickass food.

Food: Piggy's Deli; i stopped and talked to the owner, he's willing to give us a discount on food ex: 2 dogs and fries for $2.50. he's also willing to give a deal on sausage/peppers and some other items. the entire menu is available for regular price. They use Boars Head meats exclusively. The deli is also located approximatly 10 minutes from Rt.80 making it conveinent for all those wishing to use it to go home.

other food: ruby tuesdays in the same paking lot(capable of holding 50+ cars).

Better, more precise Driving time's and direction's will be printed out and handed out to each person...we will not leave at 8:30 until everyone has a copy. 2 way radio's are a good idea as well.

Meet: Bear mountain
When: Saturday Nov. 6th, 2010.
End: Piggy's Deli, Hackettstown, NJ.
Total time: appx. 2hrs

will need a head count by Wed. Oct. 20th.
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nice Dave, sounds like a good run. Im not 100% sure I can make it but im going to try.
Sounds like a good run...Make sure you meet at Bear Mt. early and get outa there...It's Oktoberfest up there and the place gets packed out and Park Police usually shut-down the roads leading into Bear Mt. (entrance from the Bear Mt. Circle, entrance off the Palisades, and entrance off Rte. 9W coming North)...You should be fine though if your meeting that early...Oktoberfest starts at noon...
^so are you coming?
same day as Cliffs of Insanity, I wont be able to make it...
lol thats a small conflict right there....... =P
...lived in Dingman's Ferry and worked in Sparta for a couple years..... great scenery out there.... might have to detour out that way next weekend...
yeah I don't think this will work...
plus im pretty sure the guy that runs COI is strict about audi's only on the run...
not 100% sure though.
changing the date...will post in the next day
yeah I don't think this will work...
plus im pretty sure the guy that runs COI is strict about audi's only on the run...
not 100% sure though.
Last year we went on it.
if the 24th doesnt work, i'm going to pass on the 30th/31st due to it being holloween and i figured parents on this forum would rather spend time with wive's and kids.

so lets do Nov. 6th, it's a saturday.
i might be free then, i'll let you know dave.
ok, that'll b good...only you two are the only one's who said they'd come...3ppl is kinda boring, and we wouldn't get discounts.

if you guys are on other forums, open it to them. i have it on 6spd, 3SI and Rennlist.
are you planning for the 24th or the 6th? Im pretty sure ill be able to make it to the 6th, I cant make it on the 24th.
I'm down, was planning on doing COI but rather drive w/ a bunch of friends, I can do Sunday's so just LMK
it will be Nov. 6th, as said it's a Saturday. the original post was changed as well

does anyone know if i can change the thread title so it says Nov. 6th?
I'm down, rather drive w/ a bunch of friends
Ditto, I miss driving with all of you, it's been a while..Looking forward to it.
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