Fall Photoshoot of a GT3rs

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Hey guys,
Here are a few pictures we took of a white GT3rs just before it was put away for the winter. The owner drives this beast daily and she is also a Porsche driving instructor.

Some of the pictures were taken in the same location as our previous shoot of a white M6 with HREs.

There was no video made this time because the roads are too cold to do any high speed pulls. Don't worry! We will do another shoot next spring!


FOR MORE PICTURES, VISIT US AT Street Legal Track Toy – Porsche GT3rs | FuelRiders

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Loving every shot. Well done.
sick shoot! Pm me if you guys are down to shoot a green gt3rs :)
good stuff, you had awesome clouds.
Beautiful. Having a boner after seeing those pictures are bad,really bad.
love the second shot. Car looks great.
I'm not a porsche guy I never was but the other day I saw a black gt3 and that thing looked pretty sick! In fact it looked so sick that now I want one :) and Im loving this white one aswell.
Saw these on DS...nice shots man. I like the new edit for the first one a lot.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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