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Do you crave more power, better throttle response and smoother power delivery? Fabspeed Motorsport and EVOMSit have what you are looking for. Improving on the Lamborghini Gallardo engine software is not something many outside of Lamborghini can perform, but when you combine Fabspeed Motorsport and Evolution Motorsport we have the ability to access all of the engine software functions with the proprietary EVOMSit flashing tools. Evolution Motorsports have developed proprietary ECU flashing and software development tools made specifically for the Lamborghini EFI technologies ECU's.

Recently we had a customer come in with a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo already equipped with an exhaust and catbypass pipes looking for some more power. We strapped the car to our Dynojet 4WD dyno and made some dyno pulls to get a good baseline. All these tests were done in 90 degree F heat with 40% humidity @ 4500 ft altitude. The car put down 386.30 hp and 303.10 ft/lb to all four wheels as the car came in. I then removed the ECU's and flashed them with the EVOMSit software and re-installed in the car. We went through the gears a couple times and drove the car on the dyno before making any pulls to let the ECU's start adapting. After the ECU adapted we were able to pick up about 30 AWHP and we ended up putting down 416.36hp and 316.96 ft/lb to all four wheels.

If you are looking to give your Gallardo some more power with verified dyno results EVOMSit is the way to go. When you pair the tuning up with a Fabspeed exhaust you end up with a great Performance Package.

If you have any questions on the EVOMSit Software or any Fabspeed Products please feel free to email me directly and I will be more than happy to help out [email protected]

Here is a video of the car on our dyno:

YouTube - Modded Lamborghini Gallardo Dyno Video

Dyno Graph:


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