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We are excited to introduce a COMPLETE high-performance exhaust solution for the Ferrari 458 Italia!

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FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | Ferrari 458 Italia Valvetronic Performance Package

Fantastically daily-driveable sound and power from Fabspeed's Valvetronic Exhaust System, Sport Headers, Sport Catalytic Converters, BMC F1 Replacement Air Filter, and Fabspeed ECU Tune.

The Ferrari 458 Italia Valvetronic Performance Package is the ultimate solution for for 458 drivers looking for the perfect balance between a low-rpm, neighborhood friendly sound, and high rpm V8 roar. We have tested various exhaust, intake, and tune combinations on our in-house dyno, and have found this marriage of parts to be a great answer for increased sound and performance on the 458 Italia.

The valve system retains factory functionality, while the improved flow from the exhaust emphasizes the added power, sound, and throttle response provided by the Sport Headers, Sport Catalytic Converters, and BMC F1 filter. We recommend coupling this Performance Package with the optional Fabspeed ECU tune to fully optimize the modifications and extract maximum horsepower and throttle response.

** For any owners who are local to our facility and/or willing to get the car to us for documented installation, we will be extending an extra break your way. **

Contact me directly with any questions you have regarding our new setup, and how we can work together to open up your 458! Check out the items in more detail on our website:

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