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It has been a while since we featured a ride on FuelRiders. That’s why we bring you Pat Cyr’s AE86.

I first saw this drifting beast at Shannonville Race Track during the 2010 Gumball Rally. Unfortunately back in May, Pat had some engine troubles and the car didn’t look as pimp as it does today. Not to worry, it was ready for the DMCC.

This AE86 (with a F20c Engine, 16g Turbo, T3 Suspension and Weir Performance Axle & Spool) was fully built by Pat himself and boasts 300whp. Curious to see more? Just watch this video filmed during DMCC’s Round 5 at Autodrome St-Eustache.

For the full feature visit:
Pat Cyr’s AE86 | FuelRiders

FuelRiders - F20c AE86 Drifting - #12 on Vimeo

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