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Our customer recently found out that his Audi R8 V8 with Armytrix titanium exhaust has switched the sound from high pitch F1 sound to powerful muscle tone. This unexpected change gave him a big surprise and more pleasure. No matter F1 or Muscle, they are both insanely LOUD!

Video made by Youtube channel: Supercar of London

Armytrix official website:

Armytirx facebook page:

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Which do you prefer?

Armytrix titanium exhaust for Audi R8 V8.
1. Larger pipe diameter than stock provide better performance.
2. Only 8.9 k.g extremely shaved dead weighs of your R8.
3. X-pipe design enhance high pitch acoustics, mid-range note, and low level tone.
4. Valvetronic system control airflow, back pressure, volume, and improve overall performance.
5. Distinctive 'Howling' exhaust sounds.
6. Horsepower increase up to 25.8 HP from stock.

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