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Hello everyone,

Up for sale is my 2004, Doug Levin Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo, Pearl Orange exterior (Arancio Borealis) w/ Black interior / Orange stitching. The car has 24,000 miles on it. I won't sit here and type out an entire page on how well the car has been maintained for (oil changes, fluids, etc.), the perfection of the paint, etc., but I'll just say come inspect the car, drive it, review each and all documents, and find out for yourself! The car is truly in mint condition inside and out, and till this day, smells like a new car inside. The car has never been drag raced at a drag strip nor has it ever been tracked on a race track. The car has been raced on deserted straightaways against some high horespowered cars to see where it stands in regards to its performance (and I'll tell you, its FAST) Title is free and clear, in hand.

Now, to what has been done to the car...

Exterior modification -3M clear bra on:
-Front hood
-Front bumper
-Front fenders
-Front head lights
-Side mirrors
-Rocker panels
-Rear quarter panels

-Pearl Orange brake calipers

Interior modifications
-Carbon Fiber GT3 seats (15 lbs per seat)
-Hard wired V1 Radar Detector into the rear view mirror

Performance modifications
-Doug Levin Twin Turbo bolt on kit (I will have ALL specifications of the turbo kit for interested buyers)
-Snow Performance Methanol kit
-The car made ~700 rwhp on 10 lbs of boost in the heat/humidity (without the methanol)
-Michelin PS2s all around with ~70% tread life left

Redtop Optima battery

$115,000 OBO

Interested buyers can contact me via e-mail with ANY questions you may have. I have MANY pictures and can and will take any pics you request.

[email protected]

Thank you!


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Oh I want, but about $20k more than I want to spend at this time, GLWS!!!!

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beautiful lambo, love them in orange!

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nasty car, glws!

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I just want to make a few things clear since I haven't mentioned anything about it in my original post (and can't edit) am since I am getting some e-mails with the same questions/concerns from different people.

1) The seats in the car now are bolted to the floor. That means they can't be moved. It is what it is regarding positioning. I am about 5'9 so if you are an interested buyer and roughly the same height, you will probably like the positioning of the driver seat. If you are much taller/shorter, then you won't like the positioning. The passenger seat is bolted all the way back which leaves lots of room for comfort. The good news is that I have the stock power seats available and I will throw them into the deal and install them prior to selling the car if you are interested. So yes, you will have the convenience of the stock power seats. I will take pics of the seats (and anything else) to any interested buyers.

2) Has the car been tracked/drag raced/1 mile events, etc.? NO, IT HASN'T. Has it been raced? YES. I am not going to sit here and tell you I have never raced my car especially when there are vids of it online racing (and whooping on) modded, 140 mph trapping ZR1's :icon_mrgreen: and running alongside of 800 rwhp Camaros. If you didn't know these vids existed, now you do. :D I have NEVER drag raced it or tracked it on a road course because it's just too hard on the tranny/clutch/brakes. Lets be honest, I didn't buy the TT kit to stare at the system and clean it all day, I bought it to have fun with the car and ENJOY it. Knowing that, the car has been properly maintained and been through more oil changes within 1.5 years of ownership than most lambos I know that have been owned for years!! In other words, the car is OVERLY maintained (if there is such thing) and I have all documentations.

COME SEE THE CAR, DRIVE THE CAR, TEST THE CAR, INSPECT THE CAR, and see for yourself the condition it is in!!

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