EVO X Forgetars R888 BC Coilovers

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just a few snaps...havent been motivated to shoot lately and the location is subpar

Forgestar F14 18x10 +16 in Piano Black
Toyo R888 275-25-18
BC Racing Coilovers set and tuned
Yakima Q Tower roof rack system
Yakima High Roller Bike rack x2
SE Racing PK Ripper aka SL Ripper
Tuned by Road Race Engineering
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actually its a Dual Clutch trans, like a DSG, very quick shifts and great
shifting programs, only thing is there isnt any aftermarket support yet so its hard to get every last drop of HP out of the car :)

hi flow cat and cat back exh with a tune is up
Yup, LA traffic is nothing to fvck with :p
congrats and good luck, keep us posted on the build
Yea im trying to start fresh with a 2011 Octane blue gsr.
installed JDM window visors, pics to come...i need a car wash bad!!!
some recent pics

dropped it a bit more, got suspension re tuned and re far so good...almost 10K miles on her :)
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thanks! next round of mods coming soon :)
hehe thanks, currently debating between Do-Luck or EvoSoul f/lip something simple, i dont like how the side skirts look "lower" than the front bumper hehe

do luck:

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i honestly like the DO LUCK as well, but i threw the EvoSoul on there cus its newer, and a good buddy with the same car, same color as mine, has the DO LUCK on his car already :p
dont wanna roll twin status hahaahahha, no ****
^ :lol: could always have it painted/wrapped for a bit of a difference :)
plus i know the guy that makes the Evo Soul so HOOK UPS, hahahaha

yea true that, he has the carbon piece, i was gonna get the matte black piece since theres NOTHING carbon on my car and it is after all my DD :bow1:
took some pics today at Adams Track before the race, it stayed clean from the Aviation/Auto meet :D

do-luck lip, cat-back, hfc, uicp and a re-tune coming soon, sooner than expected, just waiting on the cat-back :)
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Black out the chrome around the grill? :D
i was gonna see if anyone would want to trade their GSR black grill for my chromed out one :D

I need me a lip :(

Amazing how that little detail can add that much oomph.

Looking good sir.

thanks bro, which lip you lookin into?
Just saw this thread. Roof racks FTMFW!!!

Also, +1 on Do-Luck if you haven't decided.
hehe yes i think im going do luck

nice car, did you raise it up to go off roading?

hahahaha geez, tough crowd :lol:
alex, its got an open source tune from road race engineering out here in santa fe springs, ca

krack, im savin up as i type this....late this year or ealy next year, its on :)
i am actually at about 287whp conservatively, so a re-tune + dp + hfc + cat back + uicp should net me a bit over 300...but we will see after i get the parts and put them in :D
whats on the menu for the next mod coi?
re-tune + dp + hfc + cat back + uicp

picked up the down pipe, gonna get the upper intercooler pipe this week, the hi flow cat probably the week after and the cat back exhaust after that + take it to RRE for a re-tune

other than that its done...its after all my daily driver

gonna save up for another project soon after (my bro and i are contemplating on a few cars)
j, no lip, gonna do power first

liqid, its my daily no crazy build here
7 dyno graph...slightly de-tuned to keep the TC-SST from slipping too much

couple of action shots, thanks to Duane @ Speed and Motion


and from Automod
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