EVO X Forgetars R888 BC Coilovers

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just a few snaps...havent been motivated to shoot lately and the location is subpar

Forgestar F14 18x10 +16 in Piano Black
Toyo R888 275-25-18
BC Racing Coilovers set and tuned
Yakima Q Tower roof rack system
Yakima High Roller Bike rack x2
SE Racing PK Ripper aka SL Ripper
Tuned by Road Race Engineering
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i want pics of this hanging on a turn! r888's awd! woohoo
^i will post soon as i get to hit a few cones :)
it's perfect!

That's the setup I want!
Are the wheels on the evo bigger than the Masi!?

Excuse my ignorance but aren't FORGEstar wheels CAST? I'm not sure.....
naw the masi on 20's EVO on 18's, it only looks that way because the rim face on the EVO goes all the way to the outer lip, and the Masi's does not, plus the angle of the photo, blah blah, nah mean

i believe they are a special kind of casting you can read more here: Forgestar Wheels | The Worlds 1st 1 piece lightweight flow formed wheel lineup

they are pretty light, and we will see how well they hold up since i daily this car and plan to hit a few track.autox.canyon events in 2011 :)

edit: wheel testing:

took a few night shots after the PACMAN fight last night

the other car is my buddies EVO X GSR w/ SSS pkg
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oh man you too :p
At least I didn't ask if you'd installed a lift kit ;) :lol:

took a few night shots after the PACMAN fight last night
Loving this shot. The in-your-faceness [sic] is what really does it for me
let me mob that thing coi. I've been debating sti or evo lately.
let me mob that thing coi. I've been debating sti or evo lately.
by mob u mean test drive, sure, and if you decide evo i can hook u up with a car too :)
Oh yeh^^ details!
Yeh just want to drive it and see how it looks inside and stuff. Haven't had a chance to go check one out.
P.s. you forgot an s in your topic title :)
ill hit u up next time i hit up dykstras car wash and u can see/drive it then

huntington beach mitsu is moving these cars like crazy, the manager there is the evo king so i can def intro you for a good discount :p
Can you pm me some numbers on the one you got possibly?

Sounds good bro! You can whip the 135 around if you wan't. Careless driving and all IDC :)
i will PM u and sure i will also give your 135i a whirl, but i wont drive it crazy

and just for thought
^^^ 4.7 0-60 dam...
Great video.
nice ride
Your Graphite gray X is making me wanna keep my Graphite gray X but noo must resist :wall:
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