EVO X Forgetars R888 BC Coilovers

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just a few snaps...havent been motivated to shoot lately and the location is subpar

Forgestar F14 18x10 +16 in Piano Black
Toyo R888 275-25-18
BC Racing Coilovers set and tuned
Yakima Q Tower roof rack system
Yakima High Roller Bike rack x2
SE Racing PK Ripper aka SL Ripper
Tuned by Road Race Engineering
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looks good

BUT it could go a little lower... LOWAH!
Sweet car, looks good on the forgestars. Avid cyclist?
thanks y'alls

avid, not so much, but ive been enjoying the sport lately and use it as a form of exercise to get back into shape :)
awesome car bro. def slam it a lil more.
^i honestly would but i do put 4 people in the car often, maybe when i switch to diff tire style/size i will, we'll see :)
very good looking evo coi! and amserati of course:)
Coi, looks sick man. The bike looks badass paired with it.
hehe thanks guys! i need to take pics minus the bike and racks :p
Between the bikes and the cars Coi, you've got a dope little stable!

The X looks killer.
^hehe thanks! one day ill have a Colnago Dura Ace next to a Scud :)
car looks great Coi, may need to do a shoot next time i'm in SoCal
^i would be honored! thanks!
Looking good, but I echo the "it can go lower!" sentiments :p
Looking good, but I echo the "it can go lower!" sentiments :p
oh man you too :p

looks sweet!!
1 - 20 of 87 Posts
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