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A buddy and I joined forces over the weekend to create this heart stopping burger. It's going to sound like there is a lot going on here, but honestly all the flavors worked really well together and it was one of the best burgers I have had in a very long time.

The Patties:
Ground Sirloin
Blue Cheese crumbles
Dash of Maple Syrup - Kept the patties really juicy
Minced garlic
And an egg to hold everything together
Food Dish Cuisine Patty Cookie

Then when they were almost done cooking, we threw a slice of Provalone on

Cooked a couple slices of bacon for each burger:
Food Dish Cuisine Snack

Next we took and couple slices of Ham a cooked them in a little bit of mustard and a dash of maple Syrup:
Dish Food Cuisine Ingredient Baked goods

Next came the Shrooms and onions. We deglazed the pan with Jack Daniels and then sauteed the veggies in all the juices:
Food Dish Cuisine Ingredient Recipe

To finish it off we added a slice of lettuce and little stoneground mustard to the toasted buns.

The Finished product!
Food Hamburger Dish Buffalo burger Cuisine

Food Dish Buffalo burger Cuisine Cemita
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