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2012 Nissan GTR - Far from Stock!

Here is a quick teaser image from last night's photo shoot. Damn, what a hell of a good time it was last night:

I recently had the great pleasure of photographing my friend's absolutely pristine 2012 Nissan GTR in Tampa, FL. The car is without a doubt, one of the most menacing, yet cleanly built Nissan GTRs in the country, period. The owner still has huge plans to take it to Switzer Performance. By the time the complete build is finished, this GTR will be well over 1,000hp / 1,000tq. What a monster. Videos to come once the build is complete.

I've just started the editing process but I will be continually updating this thread with images from the session. Stay tuned, you guys are in for a treat. This car is unbelievable - inside and out. :respekt:

For those of you that are interested, I post a lot of live behind-the-scenes images directly to my Facebook fan page at many shoots. I post a lot of unique images on my page that never make it to my website as well, enjoy:

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Stay tuned...

- Chris
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