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A couple weeks in the making for this one with scheduling conflicts and what not, I finally got to it. At first i thought it was going to be a crappy day, but then the sun came out and it made the difference in the after pictures obviously.

Upon arrival, a few things I noticed: hazy paint, TONS of swirl marks, a few paint blemishes that need repainting, burned trim, and holograms. After talking to the owner, I found out who detailed the car prior.... shocking to say the least.

Process was the following:
Pre-rinse with hose, then ONR wash
Chemical guys sticky gel on wheels
Megs hyper on tires
Detailed Image light clay process
ONR mix for clay lube
Alcohol tipedown
meguiars masking tape on trim
Menzerna 203 via PC and white pad
optimum poliseal on black pad
Megs glass cleaner
vacuum and interior dusting



Overall, a HUGE improvement and MUCH clearer paint! No more oxidation hiding the true color of this jet black paint! 5.5 hours was spent on this car/process

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good stuff - gotta question anyone who says a 996tt isn't sexy

- chuck
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