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Started the day out with a 5am wake up to prep for the long day ahead. Packed up the car, stopped off at the gas station, and was finally on the road at about 6am for what I knew would be a long day. I was contacted by a member here to head on down San Diego and detail not one, but two of his cars.

Upon arrival, I notice that both cars are heavily swirled up and oxidizing pretty good. There was some slight gloss coming from the paint, but nothing close to what there should be. We got to talking about what his concerns were and what he really wanted the most time spent on. Both cars could have used 3 step processes, but there simply wasnt enough time for that. We settled on an one step on the bullitt, and a two step on the M3.

The Bullitt mustang here was in pretty decent shape, minus the oxidation and the swirl marks all over...meaning the paint was in workable condition!

Process on this car was the following:
Chemical guys Maxi Sudz traditional wash
Chemical guys sticky gel wheel cleaner
Detailed Image medium clay session to remove A LOT of contaminants
Meguiars Last Touch for Lube
Alcohol wipedown
Meguiars masking tape.70" from Detailed Image
PC/Menzerna powerfinish/hydrotec tangerine pad
Blackfire Wet Diamond on PC with blue LC pad
Meguiars trim detailer on all exterior trim
Meguiars hyper dressing on tires 2:1
Optimum car wax on wheels
Meguiars glass cleaner concentrate
vacuum on the interior with a dusting of vents and cracks

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After finishing that Mustang with just a one step process, I took a quick break to grab some lunch/dinner (subway, eat 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner = $5 bucks!!!). Once back to the house I got right to work on the M3. I really liked this color and wanted to see what I could do with it. After doing the test section and showing the owner (he actually watched this process), we both looked at each other and said the same thing - "nailed it".

Process on this car was the following:
chemical guys maxi sudz traditional wash
chemical guys sticky gel wheel cleaner
detailed image medium clay process
megs last touch lube
alcohol wipedown
meguiars masking tape on all trim
meguiars 105 via PC and orange pad
Menzerna 203 via PC and white pad
chemical guys ezcream glaze via black pad
Blackfire Wet Diamond via blue pad
Megs glass cleaner concentrate
Meguiars hyper 2:1 on tires
Vacuum and dusting in the interior

Not too many before pics as it was already dusk when I started this car.

End result on this car was a TON more gloss and only thing left in the paint were a few RIDS that were at least blended with two rounds of compounding. No more oxidation hiding the true color, and no more swirl marks taking away from the clarity of the paint. Just over 7 hours was spent on this car - no breaks!

At the end of the day, I was extremely tired and worn out! a total of about 15 hours was spent detailing these two cars. Now it was time for my 2 hour drive home. Long day, but worth it in the end!! Ended back at home at 1am = 20 hour day all said and done!
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