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Keeping a car outside all the time often result in unpleasant things like color occasional scratches, color fade and simple dust/dirt layer or bird drops. If you would like to forget about such problems, or at least minimize them - a car cover will do the job. Even if you have a comfy garage to store your vehicle, extra protection will never hurt.

Car cover is the best way to protect your vehicle from moisture, UV rays and dust. Plus, it will help keep your investment looking good indoors and out. It also will help you to maintain that “just washed” look between washes. Plus, the car cover is a good choice for limiting a car break-in or complete auto theft.

Car covers by Coverking are manufactured to help you to keep your car from fading and minimize the damage your luxury vehicle may suffer. You can read more information about Coverking at

Coverking - Stormproof Custom Car Cover
* Excellent protection from natural as well as man-made hazards;
* Custom mirror pockets;
* Made in USA;

Different fabrics provide different degrees of protection. Check out this material rating and choose your best car cover material:
Coverking materials types at

If more protection is what you are looking for, then you have to check out this WeatherShield HP two-tone custom car cover by Covercraft:

Covercraft® - WeatherShield HP Two-Tone Custom Car Cover
Picture is provided for the reference only.
* Designed specifically to give the highest level of protection in the most sun-intense environments thanks to fabric additives that reduce cover degradation after prolonged exposure to UV rays;
* Covercraft advises it is safe to launder the Weathershield HP in a non-commercial, home washing machine;

See prices and other necessary details at CARiD:

Which option is the best for you?
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