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I was in Dubai earlier this month, so after some searching in the web I finally made two restaurant reservations.

First it was Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire. His restaurant is inside the Intercontinental hotel with his singature plating style of many plates per course. I booked this immediately after I learned that Gagnaire himself would be in the kitchen at the time of our visit.

Food was very good, ingredients were very good but not superb. Bread, butter and the desserts were sublime. I enjoyed his desserts even more than in his 3 star restaurant in rue Balzac.
Maybe since PG was in the kitchen it was not the right time to compare it with his flagship in Paris. The menu was good value for money at 450 aed or about 120 usd for 3 courses plus 3 desserts and many amuse bouche and mignardises. They also offered a cocktail before leaving. Service was very good. You can see my photos here
Gastrotrips: Reflets Pierre Gagnaire, Dubai

The other restaurant I chose after my research (Stay of Yannick Alleno and Table9 were the others I wanted to visit but didnt have the time) was Al Mahara, the signature seafood aquarium restaurant of Burj al Arab. The reason of booking at this restaurant was mainly the setting which was indeed worth it, from the lobby of the hotel to the main dining room. We went a la carte, with their signature dish, the seabass accompanied by 3 side dishes. It was nicely cooked in a sea salt crust. The dessert was very nice too. The problem was not the price which is too high, because we knew we were going to spend a lot. I didint like how water was 16usd per litre bottle which they didnt renew after it was finished. Also they didnt bring bread after we finished the first serving. Mignardises were also one of each kind for the two of us (4 small bites in total) which I also dont get it. Anyway I didnt regret going to Al Mahara.
You can see my photos here
Gastrotrips: Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab, Dubai
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