In Dubai, anything is possible — especially if it involves big budgets and luxury projects. And this particular project could be the most luxurious the world has ever seen.
This paradise is called The Heart of Europe. Located 4 km off the coast of Dubai, it will become an exclusive island resort—for those with the money to afford.
Composed of six islands named after European countries (Sweden island, Germany Island, Switzerland Island, Monaco Island, St. Petersburg Island and Main Europe Island), it promises to offer luxurious European accommodation, design and hospitality.
The six islands will house beautiful luxury hotels and climate-controlled plazas. Some areas will be covered in blankets of snow, while others will be covered in palm trees.
Most impressive of all will be the underwater lounges and hotel rooms. Surrounded by coral reefs and tropical fish, you’ll want to stay in this bathtub forever:

The project should be completed by 2020, so start saving for a weekend getaway.