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Has anyone heard of Robert Holten? He has a very unique style of art. It's called Drizzle Art.

DrizzleArt Website

Just met with him yesterday and purchased a print of a Ferrari emblem he had done in the past. But check out some of his stuff, it's very nostalgic. He is one hell of a story teller, many of his works have an amazing story behind it.

He started all this after his wife past away of cancer. He told me how he was painting his wife's office one night and there was a large print photo of her leaning against the wall and he was so sad and hurt he started splashing paint on her photo. Then I guess from what he told me that the next day a friend of his saw it and told him he should express himself through this style and he took that idea and refined it and now he's got some really cool stuff. His studio is in Anaheim, Ca. Would def recommend checking it out.
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