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Better get it protected!

The winter months are harsh on any vehicle finish, salt/brine, sub-freezing temperatures, snow and ice all attack your vehicle. Winter isn't a time to stop caring for your vehicle finish, or wait till the spring to get it waxed again.

Protection and maintenance need to be up kept all months of the year! To make for less work in the spring and prolonging the original paint on your vehicle. So prevent the hassle! Don't freeze in your garage or driveway, or watch that salt just sit and eat away at your finish. Bring it to Oakes!

We are offering winter prep details for only $250 for 2 and 4 door cars, this does not include correction, but a durable strong sealant application to barricade the winter mess against your beloved possessions. Even if its just a beater!

We are also offering wash services for only $30, full vehicle hand washes, full dry, windows and wheels cleaned, and a final touch spray down. Don't leave your car dirty, don't take it to that automated car wash, bring it here and we'll wash it right while you wait in our customer lounge with leather couches, WiFi, and flat screen TVs with control of what you watch!

Also offering window tinting, remote starts, alarms and audio upgrades!

Call or email us today! December is almost fully booked!



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