DPE Wheels on Infiniti QX56 available at Famous Autosports

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Famous Autosports is officially the exclusive distributor for DPE Wheels! DPE (or Dynamic Performance Engineering) Wheels are made in the USA and manufactured to exceed the standards set by the Department of Transportation. Check out the pictures below to see photos from a shoot featuring Infiniti QX56 sporting these american made beauties. Contact us if you're interested!

26" 2-Tone S10

Available Finishes:
S20 2-Tone

S10 Tuxedo

S20 Full Matte Black w/Pinstripe

S20 2Tone

S15 Blue Lip

S5 Full Matte Black

S20 Full Liquid Cinder

LS5 2-Tone

SP5 Gloss Black w/Candy Transluscent Red Lip
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DPE wheels are bada$$... i'll have some on my LS460 very soon
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