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If you are asking yourself "How do you pay property taxes in Dubai?" then you are obviously not a resident of Dubai. Property taxes are collected by the Dubai government and paid to the UAE government who grants these tax concessions to various local governments. The taxes are calculated on the market value of the properties at the end of a year. Although property values have gone up in the past, Dubai has not yet experienced a recession and property taxes are applied to all residents regardless of their residence status.

The income and expenditure of Dubai, as well as that of the rest of the UAE, is subject to strict laws of taxation. Because of this the government imposes tough penalties on those who fail to pay their property taxes or who try to evade the tax. You may be able to get a refund but this is often only possible if you can prove that your property taxes were unpaid for a minimum of three consecutive months. In extreme cases, criminal charges could also be issued against an individual who refuses to pay his or her property taxes.

How to Buy Villas In Dubai? If you are planning to live in Dubai, you need to know how to pay property taxes. Though the payment of tax is technically not required, many sellers will charge it in order to facilitate a smooth purchasing process. If you want to avoid paying property taxes, you can find out what kind of property you will be purchasing and ask a real estate agent to give you a fair idea of its market value. The price will help you determine whether or not you will be charged property taxes.
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