DMC Murcielago LP800: World's strongest, non-TT Murci [Warning: Spitting Fire]

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DMC Tuning Germany has proudly set out to build the strongest (non TT) Murcielago, the DMC LP800 (based on the 580).

The engine phase took about 3 months, and we're now moving into the final phase.

Attached is a video and some photos while we were testing the engine. It's spitting fire, and the engine pipes are literally becoming red due to the high heat.

I'll explain a bit more how we did it as the thread goes on. The car will also receive a DMC Body Kit to support the newly won power aerodynamically.

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that is very sexy!
I love how it has vw coil packs...
Looking good DMC!! Loved the work you did with Brett down at lambo miami
No need to bring that trashy subject in this thread. Not flaming your post, just trying to stay on subject :)
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Here's one more pic, subscribe this thread and our Facebook Page for updates.

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cant wait to see this thing in person!

which DMC kit do you guys wanna see on the DMC Murcielago LP800??
Thats awesome, looking forward to completed pictures.
holy balls
Isn't it a beauty, stay tuned for the official car presentation:

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