DMC MC Stradale Styling Kit for the Maserati Gran Turismo

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The official MC Stradale from Maserati is not even out, but the German tuners from DMC have already managed to come up with a styling kit. The kit does not only refines the MC Stradale, but also turns the regular GranTurismo into a MC Stradale!

DMC was able to get hold of one of the original MC Stradale automobiles, that were used by Maserati in their global GT Race competitions, which certainly helped a lot for the development of this kit. The German engineers have decided to call the styling package Grande Sovrano, which is italian for “Great Ruler”.

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I liked the Stradale kit but this looks overboard. The side skirts maybe? Car was so hot already, just needs rims and a lowering.
I'll stick with the original.
I love the front fascia. The MC Corse kit is the shit though
Hideous... Im sure they will sell a ton of them in Dubai though lol
nono for me.. but the side skirt is good.. not the front bumper..
Not a fan
Hideous... Im sure they will sell a ton of them in Dubai though lol
We have had these kits in "Dubai" for more than 2 years bro's car has it and 1 other white car...thats it...:whistle:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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