No, but it sure looks like one. Instead, it's the stunning minimal masterpiece, Montebar Villa, which overlooks the Swiss Alps, in Medeglia Switzerland. For fans of minimal architectural design is ground zero. Designed by Italian JM Architecture studio , this geometrical masterpiece adapts beautifully to the green landscape.

Is it a rock? No, it’s the Montebar Villa just blending in with its beautiful surroundings.

Is it a rocket ship ready for take off? No, it’s the Montebar Villa with its lights on.
The home has a huge top-to-bottom front glass façade that absorbs lots of sunlight, and provides spectacular views of Swiss nature.

Inside, this clutter-free zone requires minimal cleaning — just a mop and duster will do.

The dining table overlooks a bare, white cupboard, forcing you to focus on your food, rather than the TV. How exciting!

Your neighbours can watch your TV through the full-length windows, so be mindful of what you’re watching… and doing.

When night falls, you can watch the flashing lights from the town below or marvel at the beautiful nature around you. With the Swiss Alps in the distance, you will never feel alone.