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For me, it's still the ultimate Lamborghini... The Miura is too precious to run around, it's a nightmare to find parts for a Countach, and the Murciélago just doesn't do it for me...

The 1st generation Diablo is still the purest. No design alterations, no driver aids whatsoever (that's NO power steering, ABS, ESP, AWD, ...), just 500HP and balls of steel :D

After a couple of years, I got my hands on a pretty decent example... Upgraded mechanically, but needed some minor TLC in the cosmetic part.

In the mean time, i've taken care of most of the open points, though I should get it repainted, and the wheels redone, to complete it...

Some pictures

With some friends:

And in the summer of 2009 I went to the south of France in it...

Near the "Viaduc de Millau"

At Reims:


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love your car, and nice work! take care of the baby, well its not a baby, but u get the point :D
Yeah she's awesome isn't she :D

Car seems to be in amazing condition. Love the color too. Get the wheels redone to complete it!
That's the plan... Also needs new paint though, even if you can't see it on the pictures...

She's a beauty! Enjoy it
I will :D
Kind of in love with this car!

Love your screen name too. It made me laugh. :)
Yeah, even though we don't know that game over here, I had some US friends that always asked me about what it would be like to play Simon Says if you're called Simon :D

Well done! I have a 91! Is that a 6.0 shifter?
Yes it is. Actually it's a 96SV gearbox, and a chromed version of the 6.0. I still have an original 6.0 knob somewhere though.

Very nice! I had a 92 and a 98 SV!
Mine's a 92 with a 96SV engine & box. Best of both worlds in a way, only the brakes are errrr hardly more than the checkbox for the DOT approval form I guess...

Welcome to L4P, she is a beauty, thanks for sharing.

Very nice! Would you possibly consider a new set of wheels?
Have been thinking about it, but it's hard to find a good set that works with the car.

very nice!
yep :D

nice car!, ive always loved the diablos
me too :)

agree with this thread
diablo's rule
Yes they do. Hardcore bulls

looking sick all time classic imo
They age rather well, I must say :)

I'm with you the Diablo is my all time favorite as well.
Get one, you won't regret it :)

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Beautiful Bull! Welcome to Luxury4play. You will enjoy it here. No drama. Just cars and great people!
I've been on your FB for about a year, so about time I guess :D
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