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Great private invitation only event (your access is the car you pull up in so long as its an exotic) not open to the general public, no solicitation, no 100's of photographers and supported by the local DFW Ferrari Chapter, DFW Porsche, DFW Viper, DFW Lambo, DFW Lotus, DFW Rolls-Royce Bentley, etc...

The following vehicles are permitted; exotic (Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren, etc.), Ultra-Luxury (Rolls-Royce, Bentley, etc.), Historic/Vintage/Classic car of historical significance and/or value or well prepared racing cars. We do not allow any other vehicles into the event, nor do we allow spectators to walk onto the airfield through the gates.

It's truly a unique and relaxing event. The address is 4756 Frank Luke Drive, Addison, TX 75001. It takes place within Addison Airport at M-Hangars inside the airport. The details and pictures of some of their previous events can be seen here; cars and cannoli dot com.


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