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It was two+ years since I waxed my car too :eek:hwell:

Of course, I'm pretty anal about my car; so since I purchased it new from the dealer I have been the only person to wash it (even gone as far as making a sign and attaching it to the rearview mirror that says "No Wash".

Also, fortunate for me, that one time I waxed was with, what I think is a good quality wax, P21S. It protected the car from the elements day and night (no garage).

The paint wasn't too bad with the exception of some hazing, swirl marks, and the worst - tree sap.

I used:

PC 7424XP
Poorboys SSR2.5 Swirl remover
Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II
Sonus SFX Ultra-Fine Clay
Sonax Full Effect wheel cleaner
Prima Nero trim dressing
Poorboys EX sealant/wax
Prima Wheel Armour wheel protectant

I'm pretty pleased with my first time results.

Not too many pics but:

My first time using Sonax Full-Effect
Seems to work well; my wheels weren't heavily soiled so I think my other wheel cleaners would have fit the bill just fine


During (it sprays on green and turns red when it reacts; this is the front wheel, it didn't really react, but the rears did; funny because usually the front wheels are more soiled):


Before (See all the spots; that is tree sap):

Before (fender is mared):


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