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Maybe some of you are gamers or maybe not.
But if anyone here owns a PS4 or a PS3 and would like to try the game out, give me a shout.

I have a few beta keys to give out.
Here are the keys guys :)

Voucher Code for PS4: MQNG-4FNG-HF7B
Voucher Code for PS4: 9CHQ-76N2-PJQA
Voucher Code for PS4: PME6-H7NL-8PR
Voucher Code for PS3: 7EDK-PJND-J836


Imagine a game like Halo but open world and a bit of an MMO.
If you wanna check out how it plays and how it looks, then have a look at my youtube. I usually stream the game daily for people to check it out.

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