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Good Day everyone,
Recently had the opportunity to stop by a
place, that everyone raves about by storm, Martino Auto Concepts.
Martino Auto Concepts

As I arrived and walked in, I saw Jon chilling with kids and a client named Victor
who was getting his car done.(which by the way Looks fantastic)
If the gentleman wants to say a few words, be my guest..
Had a conversation here and there, and out of nowhere,
slides up to the front, Is what they called matte silver, and let me tell you,
from experience I have seen Matte silver before, which was just another
project done by MAC Auto Couture in the past.

But this time around, at least to me, it didn't say silver..
First color came to my mind, and I couldn't believe they were stepping
up such a notch, was Frozen Grey.. As we all stepped outside to take a
closer look, the owner of the car "Sean" came out and introduced himself,
and seemed very excited of how the car came out, and mentioned already
how much attention he got from just driving around and owning it in one day
from picking it up,because Sean managed to pick up the car the day before,
and Joe invited Sean back to the place for a photo-shoot, I can see why.
To me and everyone who is reading this is, this is def the first Frozen Grey outside of BMW..
Definitely worth to have in portfolio, to show clients that they are capable of, of what many people are not..
As we all walk back in, Derek walked in, and offered Sean a wash while
Jon's Porsche was getting nice and clean for shoot as well..

Jon offered Victor if he wanted to take a look of his car,
so just then Victor and I went into the shop to snoop around his whip,
and just then it felt like Alice In Wonderland, I seen the shop from outside
a few times before, but as Victor and me started to walk to where it is,
I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the Shop is a few stories and clean
just isn't the word that describes it condition, I would lean to something more
like "NEW". They had a lot of cars that were undergoing MAC assistance,
and some you must have seen in their build thread, which by the way
look fantastic in person, that GTR is gonna have to come with a trunk
full of neck-braces to give out to the poor people who aren't ready for it..

After traveling another floor down, I saw Vic's car, and was Wowed.
Never seen this bumper in person before, pics def don't do it justice,
and the color scheme he got going on is proper.
As I went back up, Joe just finished with a client about a future project,
We chatted for a bit before we got in the car drove around to find locations,
since I'm fairly new to that area. We stumbled upon a few, and one location
we mutually liked, that Joe had in mind months before was a little restricted.
So Joe made a few calls, got the Ok, we went back, got the 1er, the P-car,
my gear, and went off to shoot..


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Hope you guys enjoy the thread,
if you heard positive reviews about this place, that is because its true..
The state of the art equipment, workstation you car basks in
from start to finish, and the workmanship this place applies to restore,
upgrade, or repair your automobile is unbelievable, and indeed the place you want to bring it to.

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I would like to apologize for long overdue reply,
I would like to thank everyone for support,
your feedback, is more than important to me,
its what steers and navigates me on my journey
in photography, everyone is right in their own ways,
so listening to your thoughts is just another day in school
when you learn the right and wrong.. If you think I am professional
I am not, I just do what I love, Work, Hang out, Shoot cars, attend
shows, and capture the great moments from a help of a camera,
and restore the photos from inspiration of other artists, music, and movies..
I got a lot more photos in store for the future since im still backed up
from the summer.. I will promise to entertain your eyes with memories
of the days you witnessed and the days you guys have not..
So once again I thank you all who follow, till then, Stay Tuned..

That 996 C2 looks amazing :drool2:
Ye for sure..

love the matte look
Very nice shots Arthur, keep up the good work.
Thank you sir..
Sweet pics
Thank you
Gorgeous shots! Love the cars and the look of our photography. Great stuff.
Thank you
me too, but the car looks sick!
Haha, thanks..
Amazing shots
Thank you for looking..
Looks great guys nice work and great pics
The work is awesome, and thank you for looking..
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