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I know I have been a little absent from the boards lately...

DC Motors has been really busy entertaining new clients on the track at Spring Mountain Motorsports. They have added an addition to the track and we got to race it this weekend.... WOW! I really want to encourage those in town for SEMA to take a couple-few hours out of the day to get some track time. Please PM us for details.

Also, we are getting in some amazing vehicles in with delivery miles throughout the next week... there is a lot of great stuff for sale that we will be posting over the next week for L4P members to see first.

We are really excited to see so much buzz for SEMA, this is a great thing for the automotive industry and ---> becoming the go to online meeting place for gearheads and adrenaline nuts like all of us!

Looking forward to the goldRush movie and seeing all the great sponsors that represent the L4P community! The best for the best... :clap:

Much Love,
Nicole and Doug from DC Motors
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