Danica Patrick Rumors, again - F1...Thoughts?

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Funny, she comes in next year and that will get a lot of people to the Austin GP in '12.......
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Oh the fun of marketing............

FTR..I don't follow IRL so I can't comment on her skill level other then the few tid bits I read here and there.
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Just a thought about this news and the boisterous news that the Austin ciruit could be on the f1 schedule for "40 years".

I think as a whole America just doesn't "get it" and will eventually (as past history has proven) f*ck up its relationship with f1. The American marketing and business people who have the resources to make things happen are just too uninformed and arrogant.

All the circuits in F1 have to renew their contracts, and the contracts are always under review. F*cking Monaco does not have a contract longer than 10 years. Texas is not F*cking Monaco.

Danica is a good race car driver. Not great, but good. Putting her in an F1 car is a marketing ploy. She will have a miserably time. Bruno Senna is having a tough time.
well someone had to say it :bow1:
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