Danica Patrick Rumors, again - F1...Thoughts?

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Funny, she comes in next year and that will get a lot of people to the Austin GP in '12.......
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Oh the fun of marketing............

FTR..I don't follow IRL so I can't comment on her skill level other then the few tid bits I read here and there.
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I can't see Danica even being remotely on the pace in F1, I liked her when she was in her early days, I even got to run a couple kart races with her. However in this day and age she just doesn't have what it takes. As people have said, sadly, she's a marketing toy for companies. I think that has even hurt her head in racing because she actually use to have quite a bit of potential.

I'd LIKE to see her do good, I'm not bashing her, but she's slacking.

she isnt doing that well in either indy or nascar. shes just an average driver on good teams.

but f1 really lost their chance to grow here after the indy incident, that with people not really caring much about they "f1 crowd" makes it a tough sell here in america. nascar/indy/alms/grand am/etc all seems to have found a niche group to stand behind them. f1 would have to steal from one of those groups and i just dont see it happening.
I disagree, F1 is liked by fans in all series it seems. Indy is a crap place to run F1. If F1 finds the right place in the US it would be a success, Austin is a cool town. Even in the small town of Athens there is a MASSIVE F1 following, these people also follow most other road racing series as well.
She has a fan base? or just guys who like to oogle at her
She has a fan base:

-Women because she's a woman.

-Old men who like females.
You all should listen to the recent Midweek Motorsport on Radio Le Mans they brought this up.
100% marketing.

If I were a decent looking female I would of been pro when I was sixteen.
Has everyone been blinded by her boobs or lack there of? She's terrible. There, I said it. You may now close the thread.
You're not the first to say it in here...:)
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