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This year for the New York International Auto Show we have increased our footprint where we added several new platforms for both D2FORGED and D2AUTOSPORT where together with our vendors have created an exciting automotive experience. With a total of 4000 square feet of space and eighteen cars we are truly making it simple to say hi to D2 at the Auto Show. In a way we are trying to bring the excitement of high-performance motoring and custom wheels all in one place closer to our fans, friends and everyone who visits. Alongside cars, our professional staff will gladly answer all of your questions, take photos and explain the procedure needed to create a custom set of wheels or a fully tuned car project as well.

As a special reveal this year we are releasing our brand new candy finishes for our wheels at the show. The Aston features a little orange crush and the flat grey GTR will have some candy apple red bottoms installed right on the show floor. This is the first time we will be featuring the transformation of a vehicle from stock wheels to our D2FORGED as part of our interactive display. Our dedication to bringing all the cars closer to the visitors has resulted in these cars being closer to the public than ever before, allowing you to fully experience and comprehend what goes into building custom forged wheels.

Making its debut to the public is our D2EDITION platform. Fully customized brand new Jeeps and Dodges available for purchase at our partner dealers. A truly remarkable tuning platform which allows our customers to be unique in what they want and require for their cars while maintaining the work quality and overall design outlook that our D2EDITION provides. By utilizing only the finest products, materials and installation procedures, we are able to tune any high-end luxury or sports vehicle, allowing us to create a unique custom build for each of our customers. A platform that we will reveal more about soon together with some news about D2FORGED wheels too.

D2AUTOSPORT has truly stepped out this year featuring our custom options. Featuring a few vehicles through out our display, the white Porsche 997 Turbo really shows how amazing our products look when packaged together by us. Also in the D2AUTOSPORT line up are the Ferrari 458, blacked out Mercedes SLS, and the Aston Martin Vantage.

If you haven't been to the show yet, stop in to see us and be sure to say hello. So far Michael Strahan and other celebrities has. We are at level one booth number 1511/1514 and we are there for you and to answer any questions you may have or simply chat about potential builds, wheel layouts, cars and everything related to automotive that you would like to discuss with us there.

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