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We rocked WWE once more! An event you wanted and needed to be, an arena known worldwide and best of the best in WWE that you can find right now! We are talking about WWE Survivor Series, we are talking about the Madison Square Garden and we are talking about Alberto Del Rio, The Rock and D2FORGED Aston Martin in full swing!

Being based in NY and operated by native New Yorkers this very special to us as it it was being held in a such a monumental arena!! "Standing on that stage for even a brief moment was a major lifetime accomplishment" was the exact quote from Derrick Williams, company co-owner. There are rumors that Derrick was briefly starstruck when he met The Rock, but lets not even talk about that!

As you all know, wrestling stars like to make an appearance and like to make a huge entrance. Alberto Del Rio did so on a few occasions, namely in our BMW M6 at the Smackdown and our Porsche 997TT at the Monday Night Raw. This time it was something different. A classy guy like Alberto, needed a vehicle that is a true synonym for class; an Aston Martin Vantage!

And what an Aston Martin Vantage did he get! Showing a set of D2FORGED CV2's in flush fitment, dropped like that Aston has never been dropped before, riding smoothly and effortlessly with a set of wheels classy as the car itself. We took special care and provided more than enough attention to this project. The results can be seen right away.

With a photographer on scene, D2 company leadership in attendance and mega stars, this was really a big event for D2 in all areas! Getting our cars in the pro wrestling world, acknowledged by their top stars, shown to millions of viewers worldwide, we couldn't ask for more! But this is not the last event. No Sir! More is coming, so be prepared!

Here are a few images from the event, we have the full, huge, high resolution media gallery right on our blog! Check it out!

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