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Thought I would share these pics of this customers car from Australia. Mods so far are:

Softronic ECU Flash Porsche 997 TT
Agency Power Racing Exhaust System
Agency Power Quad Tips Matte Black
Agency Power Boost Recirculation Valves
Agency Power Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake
Avantgarde Type-310 Mesh Wheel 19x8.5 and 19x11 powdercoated matte black with a red pinstripe. Mounted with Toyo R888 Tires.
Agency Power Rear Adjustable Sway Bar
Agency Power Front Adjustable Sway Bar
Agency Power Front Brake Lines
Agency Power Rear Brake Lines
Pagid RS 19 Yellow Front Brake Pads
Pagid RS 14 Black Rear Brake Pads

Up next: Suspension, YPipe, TB/Plenum, Upgraded VTG turbos :)

Representing :)


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Wow! Gorgeous. Red Turbo's are so hot!
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