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So a friend of mine organizes the P9 challenge ( mostly GT3 Cup cars ) races and invited me to drop by and have a look.
They race together with the Czech GT3/GT2 series, and way back in the last pit-garage she was, and boy was she a beauty.

Im normally not a car spotter, but i just had to take some pictures of this one, you dont see Zondas very often, especially race cars.
Neither the owner or the mechanics spoke german or english, so i only got little info on the car, he managed to explain to me, that was a Zonda S that they rebuilt from the ground up and somehow got homologated.

Sadly the car only did a few laps due to some engine management problems, but i did what i could :) Everyone loves a Zonda ;)

Click here for short but awesome V12 orchestra !

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