Custom Murcielago Revving in doors *Video*

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Cool video, thats a cool looking car. Are those Texan or Ontario plates?
video never does them justice. Pure evil.
I agree, being there it hurt my ears, over the computer it is as close as most of you will come to hearing the car soo.
that sound was orgasmic!
If you herd it through my ears, it is a LOT more then just that, Such an amazing car
I have a feeling that the camera couldn't capture the sound that car produced. Very cool.

On a side note, did anyone else notice the Turbo Trans Am in the background.

haha I didn't even notice it
Love the way lambos start

High torque sound that gives more than a few turns over and it just fires to life!
it is such a beautiful machine.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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