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All started with the idea of having a super unique own designed bracelet.

I said to myself:

Man everyone can just go out and shop for a bracelet but thats not what I want, so I started searching what the market has to offer and whenever I came around something be it in silver, gold or platinum I bumped into limitations.

An excample I wanted the came, saw, conquer engraved on a certain spot and I got replies like:

Only available as hollow roundbeads...(I wanted massive)
To small, not soft material yada, yada only fueling my VICTOR mindset, so I contacted people in the jewellery industrie professional jewellery makers and all of them said...what was on my mind is clearly impossible.

All I wanted was a 12mm bead with a black diamond x.xx ct centered on top with a few sphaeric engraved letters, a clasp and 2 8mm beads.

Finally, I made it!
I was so happy that I made a video of it, I dont want to post it as the mods could think Im trying to advertise something....wich I the very end lol
Boy, I was just so into it at the moment of recording, that I started talking like I would advertising it ha,ha,ha!
Well dont dream your life, live your dream ;-)

If anyones interested on how the bracelet looks on film, Ill send you the link of my vid on ytbe, no prob!

This is just a prototype in 750 Gold and even having just this prototype, I feel like holding something special in my hands.

I really dont know what it is, maybe its the diamonds and the bloodstones as well as the matte onyxes working perfect together, that deliver something magical...aint got a clue what it is.

Anyhow, hope you guys enjoy it and can point me into the right direction.


on request ;-)

Key word on this here

Its not my intension to please masses, as the price for such a bracelet
considering it as a plain prototype, reaches EASY 1k $ ( like the simple bracelet as shown )
Of course skys the limit, when more beds flooded with diamonds, smaragds, rubins etc. are on the wishlist.

Yes or know, how do you like it?

Here are a few shots...How all started ...from scratch


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I like it, but it's really a shamballa bracelet. Nothing original and this type of bracelet has been out of style for a few years now... I sold simple versions in bulk.
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