CTS-V Coupe, So I Finally Cleaned My Wheels

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Finally got around to cleaning my wheels, I forgot they were even polished... Kinda like the dirty look better lol...

Before :

And After :

And Together :
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Wow, and here I thought they were powdercoated grey HAHA.

ahaha the pic is great mine were so dirty but when you clean them the car looks tottaly different
How do you like that car btw? I kind of regret not going to test drive one now... Shits fast as F*** i bet
Super fast after hennessey got a hold of it. See you guys in a couple hours
Wow, and here I thought they were powdercoated grey HAHA.

hahaha same here. Good job.
I know the feeling. But when you love to drive it, you don't find time to wash it.

Over the summer people thought I had dark grey wheels, in reality, they are bright silver. :lol:

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HAHA u must brake really hard.....Good driving...IMO.
the brembos dust like its no other.
Some of the corvette forum guys turned me on to that Armour-All spray for wheels (prevents break dust and road dust sticking) I admit I had some speculation if it could possibly work..but it seriously works! I use to wipe them down after every trip out..but now i can go a week or more with them still looking spotless
Lol... I hadn't washed my V in like a month and I finally wash it and it rains the next day. Fml... Haha
Wow that's serious, lol.

I think I liked them dirty as well.
I like our BMW's paint color.. the car can be completely dirty and it looks good, same with the rims.. idn, the dirty look add's character.. or im just too lazy to wash it after every rain storm.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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