Comparison of case finishes of Panerai 317, 360 and 172

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Please forgive the poor quality photos, but I had not touched my camera in over six months and, during the interim, I forgot how to use it (I took these two photos in the completely wrong mode).

Here is a comparison of case finishes of the Panerai 317 Ceramic, 360 PVD and 172 Tantalium:

Interestingly, the case finish on the 360 PVD is closer to the color of the 172 than the 317. The 317 is a true black, whereas the other two are shades of grey.

360 alone:

Because I did not expect to receive a 360, I did not have a strap ready for it. I have two being made.

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Craig, is the bezel on the tantalum SS?

Also, I think the JV strap would be hot on the 360.

And, as always, superb collection.
Great range of finishes. I'd like to try the 172. The 172 Bezel is polished tantalum.
Thanks; that's what I thought, but the pic looks like SS. Beautiful piece and I too agree with Jason.
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