Comparison of case finishes of Panerai 317, 360 and 172

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Please forgive the poor quality photos, but I had not touched my camera in over six months and, during the interim, I forgot how to use it (I took these two photos in the completely wrong mode).

Here is a comparison of case finishes of the Panerai 317 Ceramic, 360 PVD and 172 Tantalium:

Interestingly, the case finish on the 360 PVD is closer to the color of the 172 than the 317. The 317 is a true black, whereas the other two are shades of grey.

360 alone:

Because I did not expect to receive a 360, I did not have a strap ready for it. I have two being made.

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Maybe I'm alone on this...but I like the 172 the most out of the three. . . . Panerai should bring back the Tantalium case:wink:
Highly unlikely. The tantilum case is very hard to make and Panerai was burning through bits at a furious pace to make the 172 (and 192). I have been told that we will not see another tantilum case.

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