Cohiba Siglo II

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I got a couple more boxes to go along with the Behikes that I thought you all might be interested in. The famous Cohiba Siglo II!!

I tried these recently after working on them with one of our fellow members! These things are amazing and are more reasonably priced for a box of 25 than the Bhks.

Can break out in singles if enough people are interested in only a few each.
Below is a stock picture of the cigars and the box...

Shoot me a PM and let me know!
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^^ I got a few, shoot me a pm and can give you more details
Already accessed this motherlode...great smoke. I sat there for a good minute just smelling it...thanks Ben! You were great to deal with...
Your welcome man! Glad you are enjoying them! If you get through those quickly, you already know all you got to do is give me a shout! If you wanna try something new I got a couple more ;)
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