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hello to all

Just a quick note in case I don't make it back. My son just graduated from Tulane and he and I are leaving on Monday for a two week motorcycle sojourn through Chile and Peru. 1400 miles/12 days.

From Arica to Nazca-then to Machu Picchu/Cusco to Lake Titicaca--the floating islands- back to Chile and the atacama desert-through the geysers at Tatio--then to Antofagasta.

I think I will be taking the Sinn 757UTC--Dylan won't part with his PAM 183G. We will see if tegemented really works.

If these old bones make it back I will post photos of how the watches handle the trip.

I also picked up a very nice Patrizzi Daytona will in Carmel last month--will post some of it when I return.

my best to everyone.

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