Chicago ONLY - Furniture from Club 411 - 6 months old and CHEAP

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I Just bought whole new living room set to replace the 6 month old living room set (the mistake of buying furniture before you do a gut remodel)

- So I am selling everything dirt cheap. Pics and prices below. I would
love to sell it all together if possible.

Herman Miller Eames® Elliptical Table
Eames® Elliptical Table - Design Within Reach
Paid $649.00USD Plus Tax
$350 - Has some light scratches on surface.

Large designer Sofa - Paid $2499 + tax 6 months ago
$899 - Brand New Condition
39" Deep x 123" long

Man Made Leather Chair and Ottoman
Brand New Condition


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wow, good stuff... i just bought furniture, but this would have been worth the drive for
The new setup is redic! Can't wait for it!
Ray, how much to ship the couch?
A coworkers wife is living in Chicago, and she just got a place. Is it cool if I pass the info on, or is this L4P priced for members? Nice stuff!
Would you consider cutting the couch in half and sending to me and Chris? Kinda like a BFF necklace?
Couch = big ass dog bed?
Lando is not allowed on the couch :)
Wish I didn't just redo my living room. GLWS
Ray, how much to ship the couch?
No shipping amigo :)
Has it all been sanitised?
you still have the black chair
What kind of wood floors are those?
i'd snatch that table if i was local

good luck with the sale buddy
Still got the chair? Shoot me an email
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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