The closest you’ve probably gotten to a Boeing 737 engine cowling is if you were lucky enough to get a window seat near the wing. And still, that’s not really taking in that mass of metal.

England-based Fallen Furniture is bringing the giant cowling to you living room – one you can actually sit in – without the fear of whirling blades ruining your relaxation time. They designed this luxurious leather 737 Cowling chair from real parts taken off military and civilian aircrafts.

The chair unit rests on a highly polished aluminum base Stood. Not only does the Stood hold the chair, but allows it to swivel in place, meaning you can pull off a pretty sweet Dr. Evil impersonation.

The cowling’s interior is upholstered in premium quality black leather, a nice contrast to the high gloss shell. Each chair measures 6.5 feet in length, depth, and width, and is an overall nice ode to aviation and its heritage.