Feast your eyes on Tony Shooshani’s prized Ferrari collection. Gorgeous, right? In January, these beautiful beasts could be sitting in your garage, patiently waiting for you to hop behind the wheel.

Next month, Scottsdale Gooding & Company will be auctioning off part of Shooshani’s collection, expecting to sell it between $10.3 and $13.5 million. Since we’re dealing with Ferrari fanatics, don’t be too surprised if that price climbs higher.

The Ferraris being auctioned off are: an Enzo ($2.4-$2.8 million), an F50 ($2.5-$2.9 million), and F40 ($1.3-$1.6 million). Some of the older classics include: 1960s-era 250 GT Lusso ($2.2-$2.5 million) and 250 GT Series ll Cabriolet ($2-$2.3 million).

It’s no surprise that Shooshani doesn’t want to part with all of his beauties — he’s decided to hold on to a few of them. The Pininfarina Sergio is staying in his garage, along with the 599XX Evo, LaFerrari and Enzo. But the rest are up for grabs, seeking a brand new owner. And that owner could be you — if you have a few million dollars you’re willing to burn.