Paris is the perfect combination of art, history and romance. Every quarter is unique, featuring a multitude of local shops, markets and galleries. Like any major tourist destination, Paris is best enjoyed with unlimited time and credit, allowing you to experience every inch of its splendour. To help you plan the most exciting (and expensive) trip of a lifetime, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite luxury hotels in the famous city of love:
1. Shangri-La Hotel Paris | $1,074/night (Pictured Above)

Located in the heart of Paris, this luxury hotel gives you the most beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower. We can’t think of a better spot to enjoy a round of cocktails.


2. Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière | $1,487/night

This glamorous hotel combines modern technology with avant-garde elegance, catering to the rich and famous. A private butler, whose job is to unpack your bags and uncork your champagne, greets you at the door.


3. Mandarin Oriental | $1,453/night

Steps away from the Louvre, this hotel is a short walk to Place Vendome, one of the world’s most stylish districts. It features award-winning dining, service and spa treatment, along with an interior that sets the standard for modern design.


4. Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris | $1,014/night

Sophisticated and elegant, this hotel captures the vibrancy and colour that Paris is known for. It even features a beautiful spa, equipped with the longest pool ever built in Paris hotel history.


5. Hôtel San Régis | $797/night

As unique as it is luxurious, this hotel has it all — 19th century history, lavish interiors and beautiful views. Located in the Golden Triangle, Hôtel San Régis sits in the heart of the fashion district, providing you with a quiet getaway from a lively neighbourhood.

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